Water Devil / White Throated Kingfisher

White throated kingfisher

White Throated Kingfisher
               White throated Kingfisher
=> White throated Kingfisher is a bird of Kingfisher family you can easily locate this near water side. Backside of this Bird is sky blue and front side is white throated and lower and breast portion is brown, 
 this bird is very much expert in Fish Hunting and this picture was also taken at the time it just cashed a fish and seated on a branch of a tree and as you can see after catching this fish it was trying to set this as per its beak, for that it will be easy to eat.

Just after it holded properly, it starts to hit this repeatedly on the branch of the tree, till it properly e lost its life.
 then it gently insert this fish to finish its breakfast.
In this watch report Kingfisher is not a bad character because it is killing the fish to satisfy its hunger.
But there is one another character that is little fish as per that's vission this Kingfisher is a Predator and that fish is a prey, for that Kingfisher is a devil for that little fish.