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Facts about Avocet

Pied Avoce

When the bird sweeps its bill from side to side, it's as if it might mow the grass with a saber. It is rather funny to observe if several birds meet up to mow together.
                           Pied Avocet

Yes! I am talking about avocet. Avocet are mainly two types one is american avocet and another one is pied avocet.

Avocets build their nests in little hollows within the ground. If the water is rising, the parent birds place little sticks, branches and feathers under the nest to lift it.

The avocets have come up with a trick to distract nest robbers. They act as if they were injured and try to attract the attention of the attacker.
              this picture is taken at LRK

They croak and limp away from the nest. An injured bird is an easy prey, so the enemy attacks it first and is regularly in for a shock.

Nose diving is another tactic maneuver of the avocet to keep other animals away from the nest.

The bird flies a high-speed attack against the enemy and peels off at the last second. It repeats this maneuver until the unnerved nest robber gives up and goes away.
             near salty water body of LRK

When they attacked by ravens and hawks then nest and therefore the kids are just more important.

Grown Up Quickly

Most bird kids spend several weeks within the nest of their parents and obtain fed. Avocets leave the nest within the first 24hrs.


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