Facts about Black Winged Stilt /Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus

Facts about Black Winged Stilt

Black Winged Stil

Black-winged Stilt :– France and Iberia S to Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar, and E to C Asia and NC China, Indian Subcontinent , Indochina and Taiwan; winters S to Africa, Middle East and S & SE Asia to Borneo and Philippines.

Other Subspecies of Stilt family:-

Pied Stilt – S Sumatra and Java E to New Guinea , and S to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand; winters N to Philippines, Greater Sundas and Sulawesi, and Sri Lanka .

Hawaiian Stilt – W & S USA through Central America and West Indies to Colombia, N Venezuela, Galapagos, E Ecuador to SW Peru, and NE Brazil.

 White-backed Stilt – Chile and EC Peru through Bolivia and Paraguay to SE Brazil, and S to SC Argentina.

Size and Description:-

35–40 cm; 166–205 g 


Quite vocal, but mostly during breeding season. Most-frequently heard call a repeated nasal.


Shallow wetlands of tropical and temperate regions. Breeding habitats mainly freshwater sites.


Carnivorous, preying on great sort of small, mainly aquatic, invertebrates and vertebrates, occasionally seeds. Main prey types are small insects.


Timing very variable over massive range due partially also to opportunistic nature: seasonal or after rain in tropical regions.


Movements to long distance migration elsewhere.

Status and conservation:-
Not globally threatened (Least Concern).