Backbone of Wildlife - Forest Guards

Forest Guards

From the year 2012-2017....
Total death 526.
In India                       :               162
DR Congo                  :               51
Thailand                     :               37
Kenya                         :               32
USA                            :              25
South Africe              :               18
Uganda                      :              16 
Philipine                     :              15
Nigeria                       :              12
Zambia                       :              09
Yes i am talking about Forest Guard.

When you are watching Discovery to Animal Planet someone is protecting our wildlife. When you are you are at your safe zone, someone is taking risk for their life. While you sit on the sofa and watching wildlife documentry, our forest guards are fighting with poachers....… 
A Forest Guard in India struggles suffers, succeed and make history every day , but these legends are remain un released..
Duties and Responsibilities:

The Forest guards are invigilate and notify about whatever happenings in forest, these brave heroes defence get only a Lathi (A long wooden stick). 

They known the proper boundari of their Beat of forest.

They petrols throughout their areas.

They also knows the boundary lines and boundary marks of his area.

They should cut creepers and climbers.

They shuld keep sign board, plantation and forest fitness.

They shuld all keep all produce in notebook and submit that to commanding officer.

They should control and supervise over such of the works as ordered by Section Officer and Range Officer. 

They wear their uniform whenever on duty and carry all equipments.
Also many other duties not listed here.

They have no fixed time for duty, they are always ready to searve their duty to mother nature.

They reach to all destination and every type of landscape to protect Wildlife.

They searve their duty even after having threat of attact by wildlife, hunters and poachers.

They rescue our forest, woods and wildlife in any type off hazards, in any natural condition and environment.
* Forest Guards are spine of all forest departments. We must do a lots of respects to them for their support and protect our wildlife and natural habitats. We salute to these heroes of Wildlife.


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    1. Thanks a lot... they are really desarve respect from everyone... they are the saviour of this ecosystem...

  2. The real hero of the jungle