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Facts about Wild ass, khur

DESCRIPTION: The Indian Wild Ass or Khur is a medium-sized fawn or chestnut equid with a dark chocolate ‘hog-bristle’ fringe of hair on its neck. Where the hair ends, a broad chocolate stripe edged with white takes over, extending to the base of the tail. The tail is short and naked with a tuft of black hairs at the tip. The coat length is uniform year-round and its colour varies from reddish grey to greyish fawn in
summer to pale chestnut, almost isabelline, in winter. The ears are long and have dark brown tips, the hooves are black and there are dark chestnuts or thickened callouses on the hind legs. Stallions are slightly larger and darker than mares and dominant breeding males have the darkest
colours of them all. Subadult males and females can only be differentiated when they micturate. The Khur has shorter and more slender limbs as well as rounder rumps than the Kiang, though the difference is not easily distinguishable in the field.
BEHAVIOUR: The Khur fight viciously during the breeding season, and males
rear up and kick at each other with their hooves and bite with their large incisors.
The often bloody and victorious stallion then gains breeding and territorial rights.
The Khur also has a propensity to be a nocturnal feeder and is known to raid
wheat, millet and cotton fields at night.
DISTRIBUTION: Confined to the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat originally.
However, with decreasing aridity and spread of crops, the Wild Ass has spread
along the southern and eastern fringes of the Greater Rann and eastern Rajasthan.
A small population exists in Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. This population is cut
off from the one in Kutch by the man-made Narmada Canal and, therefore, lives
there year-round.

HABITAT: Open salt mudflats, scrublands, grasslands, bets or small clumps of
vegetated grasslands in the Rann, and the fringes of the Rann intermixed with
Size: 110–250 cm;  

Weight: upto 200-240 kg

Best Seen At: Wild Ass WLS, Gujarat 

IUCN: Endangered


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