HIMALAYAN BROWN GORAL/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus


DESCRIPTION: The Brown Goral is a small antelope with brown colour; become brownish grey in winter. It has a white upper throat patch and white spots on its muzzle. Its horns are short, ridged and backward pointing, and thinner in the females. A dark dorsal band extends to the tail. The underparts are pale brown and the legs are bright brown with white flecking on the forelegs just above its black hooves.
BEHAVIOUR: If alarmed, it stands its ground, sneezing and hissing, and thenbounds away in a zigzag course into scrub cover.
DISTRIBUTION: Northern India, east of River Sutlej; along the Himalayas to Arunachal Pradesh, north of River Brahmaputra.
HABITAT: Grassy mountain slopes and moderate shrubs interspersed with cliffs. Avoids shrub growth above its shoulder height.

Size: 60–120 cm

Wt: 35–42 kg

IUCN Status: Near Threatened


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