HIMALAYAN LANGUR/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus

DESCRIPTION: The Himalayan Langur is a maned, pale‑pawed race similar in most respects to the Terai Langur. It can be distinguished by body size and is heavier than both S. hector and S. ajax, and has a darker, mauvish brown back than S. hector, whose back is greyish. The ventral colour is whiter and the ruff around the head can be heavy in higher altitudes.


DISTRIBUTION: Himachal Pradesh, south–western Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim and Uttarakhand at higher altitudes than S.e. hector.

HABITAT: Subtropical to temperate broadleaved, coniferous and montane forest, and scrub.

Size: 55–75 cm

Wt: 9–11 kg

IUCN Status: Least concern


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