NILGIRI LANGUR/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus


DESCRIPTION: Slim and black, this langur is the common rainforest monkey of the Western Ghats. It has a long, glossy black coat with yellow-tinted. Langurs north of the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats are reported to have more grizzled white hair on their hindquarters than those found south of it. Females have a white patch on the inside of their thighs. Newborns are pinkish white with reddish hair that turns black in two to three months. Recent genetic studies show its close relationship with the grey langurs of southern India.

BEHAVIOUR: The most vocal of southern forest monkeys, its characteristic ‘hoo-hoo’ call can be heard mostly at dawn and sometimes at dusk.

DISTRIBUTION from Western Ghats to the Kanyakumari hills in the south. Periyar Tiger Reserve and the hills ranges of Cardamom, Ashambu, Palni, Anamalais, Nilgiris and Kodagu have significantpopulations.

HABITAT Primarily a resident of rainforests at an altitude of more than 500 m, it is also found in deciduous patches, plantations and edges of plantations. In
Mundanthurai, it is found in riparian patches as low as 180 m elevation.

Size: 55–75cm 

Wt: 9–14 kg 

IUCN Status: Vulnerable 


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