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DESCRIPTION: The Mishmi Takin is a bulky rupicaprid, clothed in brownish grey shaggy fur with dark facial markings and a dark dorsal stripe that runs from head to tail. The animals are taller at the shoulder than the rear and, therefore, have an ungainly slope. The legs are bulky, supporting the massive bovine body. The tail is dark and short, but bushy. All feet have a prominent dewclaw above the twin hoof, making its tracks one of the easiest to recognize in the wild. The horns are short cones with a knob at the base, curving up, out and then back. The tips of the horn always point out. Males have a darker face and limbs and a very short beard. The fur is long and hangs under the chin and neck in a fringe. In an adult male, the rest of the body is pale brown with a lighter saddle on the back. The females are significantly smaller, with smaller horns, and are more uniformly grey with less black on the face. In the Bhutanese subspecies, B.t. whitei, the male is yellowish brown on the chest and shoulders, and dark brown on the back and rear with a dark dorsal stripe. The Bhutanese believe it mythologically to be a mixture of a sheep, a yak and a cow! Overall, the Mishmi Takin is a darker animal with more grey in it with the browns forming only on the back and shoulders parted by the dark dorsal stripe. The Bhutanese Takin is a lighter animal with more brown in it, having black only on the legs and the face.
BEHAVIOUR: The Takin is attracted to hot sulphur springs and salt licks, where it gathers in large numbers. It is more crepuscular than most ungulates, preferring early mornings and late evenings but it does venture out in broad daylight as well.
DISTRIBUTION: Northern and north–eastern Arunachal Pradesh and possibly rarely in northern Sikkim .
HABITAT: Dense bamboo and rhododendron thickets, moist deciduous and evergreen forests, coniferous forests; steep slopes with dense vegetation.

Size: 170–220 cm,

Wt: 150–350 kg

IUCN Status: Vulnerable


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