SCHNEIDER’S LEAF-NOSED BAT/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus


DESCRIPTION: A medium-sized species, the Schneider’s Leaf-nosed Bat varies from grey to orange-brown, but is always palest between the shoulders and on the ventral side. It has small ears and its nose leaf is similar to the smaller leaf-nosed bats except for the three supplementary leaflets and well-developed lappets next to the nostrils.

BEHAVIOUR: It leaves its roost about 10 minutes after sunset and hunts in small parties of 10–15 bats. Males and females live together for most of the year.

DISTRIBUTION: Endemic to the Indian subcontinent, it is largely found in southern India. It is also recorded in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha and Uttarakhand.

HABITAT: It roosts in caves, tunnels, disused buildings, and hill crevices in forested and hilly areas.

Size: 4.6–6.2cm

IUCN Status: Least Concern


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