WROUGHTON’S FREE-TAILED BAT/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus

DESCRIPTION: A large, glossy, chocolate–brown species, this bat has large ears that are connected to each other with a membrane, on top of its head. It has a distinct grey collar on a lighter brown ventral surface and a small gular sack in both sexes. Hairs that resemble a small moustache are present beneath circular nostrils.


DISTRIBUTION: Known from two locations in Barapade Caves in Belgaum Dist. of Karnataka and from Phrang Karuh Cave, near Nongtrai village, Shella confederacy, Meghalaya.

HABITAT: Ceilings of caves in moist and semi-evergreen forested valleys andplateaus

Size: 8.7–9.9 cm

IUCN Status: Data Deficient


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