About Tiger part 2

why tiger hunt human

 When humans are not in their prey list then why they hunt human? 

There are various reasons for a Tiger becoming a man-eater. The main reason is mistaken when a tiger sees a human in sitting position then they confuse that it can be their prey and after single time mistaken hunting they realise that humans are very easy prey to hunt. Also in other hands whenever they suffer from any diseases, injuries, old age or short of prey they start entering the human territory, there starts human-tiger conflicts.

When a tiger enters human territory at that time its main motive becomes to search an easy prey for that in searching of domesticated cattle they reach cattle house in farmers home for day by day entering in the same area they get some knowledge about that area and during this time by any chance if they get any human in sleeping condition or for self-defence they attack a human from that they get their first ever knowledge about human hunting. Also, there are some secondary reasons like forest department allowing local tribes to enter in forest areas with proper permission for collecting of wood, collecting honey and also in some forest areas having villages inside the forest due to these types of human activities Tiger human conflicts have occurred.

Steps taken by the Ministry of Forest:-

1) Villages relocation - Forest officials are continuously convincing villagers who are living inside forest area for relocation to avoid human and wildlife conflict and also paying them remuneration for a better future.

2) Source of Income - after relocation, they provide some special authority to tribal people for wood collection, honey collection with proper training and also trains to recruit tribes as a local guide or involves them in the work of conservation through this process reduces their dependency on forest direct to indirect. 

3) Education - for a better life and making less dependent, directly on forest raw materials department also builts schools, arranges wildlife training, arranges to campaign to aware peoples for their advancement and making equality in society(as per The Constitution of India states in article 15 clause 4 - for the advancement of any socially, and educationally backward classes of citizens of or for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.)

4) Connectivity - Government builts roads and maintain them for better connectivity. 

How are Eye vision and intelligence of a Tiger? To be Continue......


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