HOUSE SHREW/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus



DESCRIPTION: The common shrew of India, it is also called the Grey Musk Shrew because of the characteristic odour that it leaves about the house. It is greyish brown dorsally with a paler venter, has a short, thick tail with a few bristles that tapers to a point, and large, pink ears. It varies in size and colour: The southern form is smaller, the western arid form is paler, and the Himalayan and north–eastern form is smaller and darker.

BEHAVIOUR: This shrew is very vocal, and odorous, and keeps away insects from the home. Active just after dusk, it has acute hearing but poor eyesight.

DISTRIBUTION: Throughout India.

HABITAT: Burrows near homes; lives in and around sewers.

Size: HBL: 10–16 cm

IUCN  Status: Least Concern


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