BROWN MONGOOSE/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus



DESCRIPTION: A large, stocky forest mongoose of the southern Indian hills, this dark brown creature has fur that is less coarse than that of the Grey Mongoose is speckled yellowish brown. The feet are black and the soles of the hind feet are partially covered with hair. The tail is around two-thirds of the head and body length, like the Small Indian Mongoose’s, but is very bushy and tapers to a conical point – a characteristic of this species. The subspecies of the Western Ghats is darker than the Sri Lankan subspecies.

BEHAVIOUR: Not much is known about this secretive animal. It breeds in burrows and below tree roots.

DISTRIBUTION: Western Ghats, south of Kodagu (12°N, 800–1,850 m) including Nilgiris, Palni, High Wavy hills, Kalakaad Mundanthurai, Anamalais  and Peermedu in Kerala.

HABITAT: Moist deciduous and evergreen forests, and adjoining areas, including coffee plantations.

 Size: 33–48 cm

IUCN  Status: Vulnerable


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