LADAKH PIKA/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus



DESCRIPTION: A large, orangish, sandy brown or grey pika with dirty white underparts, it has distinctive rust-coloured exteriors of ears. The interorbital region is as wide as that of O. curzoniae, but the auditory bullae are smaller and the skull shape is differently arched (it has a more flattened appearance) and the animal itself is larger.

BEHAVIOUR: It lives in scattered family groups, and digs large holes into which it retreats with a squeak when disturbed.

DISTRIBUTION: Eastern and northern Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir (4,400–5,600 m).

HABITAT: Trans-Himalayan barren plateaus and xeric alpine valleys. Seen to share habitat with O. curzoniae and L. oiostolus, and separate from L. tibetanus, O. macrotis and O. nubrica.

Size: 22.3–22.5 cm


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