RUDDY MONGOOSE/Behaviour, Distribution, Habitat, Size, Weight, IUCN stetus



DESCRIPTION: A large, forest mongoose of peninsular India, the Ruddy Mongoose resembles the Grey Mongoose, but has varying reddish brown infusions on its underparts. The base colour can vary from yellowish brown to ruddy to grey, but it can be easily told apart from the Grey Mongoose by the fact that its tail, which is equal to or slightly larger than the head and body length has a black tip that is carried pointed upwards. Its legs are dark rufous tending to black, especially the hind ones. The feet are partially webbed and the hind feet soles are naked.

BEHAVIOUR: Mostly terrestrial but can climb trees.

DISTRIBUTION: Forests of central, western and peninsular India, up to 28°N189 or just south of Delhi in the north and Bihar in the east.

HABITAT: Dry deciduous and thorn forests  but mostly in undisturbed and secluded areas.

Size: 39–45 cm

IUCN  Status: Least Concern


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